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[Veil Widow Conspiracy]  

“[Veil Widow Conspiracy]” has an excellent cast...Ms. Kudtarkar beautifully handles the tonal shifts from one reality to another..." The New York Times

Trouble in Mind 

"Aneesha Kudtarkar....performs a considerable public service in staging Childress’ play....Kudtarkar’s production is sharp in its eye for the other kinds of subservience on hand. It’s a bracing theatrical experience, and Kudtarkar’s cast handles well the moves between broad comedy, more subtle satire, and the serious confrontation of difficult truths."

—New Haven Review

The Purple Flower 

"The tenor of the piece is to suggest—with a kind of light satire—the state of the Us’s as they fool themselves into thinking that education (a bag of books) or wealth (a bag of gold) will gain them acceptance by the White Devils. [The play] cannily alludes to the disappointments of such strategies, pointing toward a more direct confrontation...the show’s skillful presentation here makes for a thought-provoking and fascinating kick-off for the new season."

—New Haven Review


"...Kudtarkar embraced the animalistic tendencies of the characters and allowed the naturally exist in the open air of the Wedge tent. With literal mud outlining the edge of the three-quarter thrust stage [we] observe [the characters] like we would animals at the zoo, an incredibly powerful visual that amplified the appalling normalcies established in Fornes’ carefully sculpted play." —Theatre is Easy

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